5 Ways In 2021 To Market Yourself

“2020 has changed our perspective of self marketing into 2021, and we all need to jump all in!”

Make a strategy: stick with it! Starting the new year off right means creating a marketing strategy. Step one is deciding where you want to go from where you are. Do you want to find a new position? Move up in your company? Get that new year raise? No matter what your goal is, a strategy to get there makes everything smoother. One method to add to every goal is: always put yourself out there by reaching out and making your name known. 

Review your analytics: Analytics are a huge part of expanding your network and maintaining engagement. You always need to be building your social following. A great place to start is: What worked for you last year? What did not? From here make sure your social media appearance provides a deeper look at your life, and where your passion resides. Being personable online is the key to great analytic results, but it can be tricky to maintain. 

Stay Educated: Always keep educating yourself. Whether this is through higher education, or a few how to videos, you always need to keep growing for your job. Today so many employers expect specific skills and the list is always growing, so creating a profile for yourself that is always learning is a must! Here are a few websites to use if you want a free easy start: https://www.coursera.org/ or https://grow.google/ . 

Be inclusive: Invite people to join your strategy. You need to break up monotony  in your social media life by having guest speakers or starting new connections. Don’t be afraid to start conversations and make connections. We all have that list of people we would love to connect with, take a leap of faith and reach out! 

Give back: Incorporate yourself into your community. The individuals around you have so much knowledge, by doing something small such as volunteering a few days a week. You can meet numerous people and sometimes this opens opportunities!  Employers want someone who is relatable and willing to go the extra mile. Stand strong with your community and show your loyalty and you will be rewarded. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city full of opportunities that sometimes come from a least expected situation. 

2020 has changed our perspective of self marketing into 2021, and we all need to jump all in! Do not be afraid to market yourself: rejection is only temporary. Being confident in your plans for self improvement in 2021 can really put you above the rest. Consistency is the goal with a marketing plan and these are a few small steps to get you started, no matter where you start it you can end up at the top of the marketing mountain. 

Authored by Leah Shafron, PYP PR Committeefiled under: Press Release

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