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4 things you need to do before building wealth with real estate with Pittsburgh pro Lu Ryan

By Jon O’Connell | July 6, 2023

Building wealth with real estate is complicated, but not impossible. Here are four tips from a Pittsburgh pro on starting.

5 Tips for Running a Side Hustle

By Jon O’Connell | June 1, 2023

PYP’s marketing advisor has always kept a side hustle running in the background. Here are the lessons he learned along the way.

New Leadership to Carry PYP Into 2023

By Pittsburgh Young Professionals | January 7, 2023

Pittsburgh Young Professionals, the oldest young professionals networking group in the United States, named its executive board and board of directors for 2023, the nonprofit announced today. The following people will serve on the executive committee:  At-large board members are: Nick Cucci, social events advisor; Kelly Frey, professional development advisor; Alexander Lehman, community outreach advisor;…

Should I buy a house in Pittsburgh right now with these insane interest rates?

By Pittsburgh Young Professionals | December 29, 2022

At 6.5% average APR, borrowing rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage have descended since their November peak, but not nearly enough to give aspiring Pittsburgh homeowners confidence they’re not getting a good rate.

New Duquesne partnership opens new opportunities for PYP Pro Members

By Pittsburgh Young Professionals | August 11, 2022

PYP members at the Professional membership level are eligible for a 15% discount on the Duquesne University’s graduate business program.

Honing in on Purpose

By Pittsburgh Young Professionals | July 14, 2022

Thomas Weeden’s story offers a sharp reminder that few of us have the luxury of knowing where our careers will take us. For Thomas, his determination and curiosity led him to where he is today, a recruitment and outreach manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh. But it didn’t start that way. When…

Why does Matt Horan volunteer to lead PYP?

By Pittsburgh Young Professionals | June 23, 2022

The board has allowed me to develop my professional skills including project management, relationship building, managerial duties, and creating initiatives.

Why does Kelly Frey volunteer to lead PYP?

By Pittsburgh Young Professionals | June 23, 2022

I joined the board to enhance my leadership skills and resume.

Why does Danielle Bruno McDermott volunteer to lead PYP?

By Pittsburgh Young Professionals | June 23, 2022

I joined the board of PYP to hone in on my leadership skills and build my network. I have found the experience to be tremendously rewarding. 

What Do You Want To Do for a Living? Part III

By Claire Baer | June 16, 2022

The last part of a three-part professional journey series featuring Claire Baer, PYP’s professional development advisor.