Honing in on Purpose

A headshot of Big Brothers Big Sisters recruitment manager Thomas Weeden

Thomas Weeden’s story offers a sharp reminder that few of us have the luxury of knowing where our careers will take us. For Thomas, his determination and curiosity led him to where he is today, a recruitment and outreach manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh. But it didn’t start that way. When…

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PYP Gets Involved through Community Outreach

“PYP seeks to build trust in our community, and a great way to do this is by encouraging our members to donate their time to Pittsburgh volunteer opportunities and organizations. “ One of the primary focuses of PYP and the development of our organization is community involvement. We desire to create connections through volunteer work…

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Practicing Self-Care to Improve Your Mental Health

Work, family, finances, and other parts of your life can become overwhelming at times if you don’t take time out for self-care. This type of prolonged stress can negatively impact your mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, irritability, sleep problems, social isolation, and a number of other issues. Many of us don’t take time to care for…

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